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Web Interface

Editing/Updating Your Config

  • Open the editor for your subreddit
    • In the web dashboard -> r/YourSubreddit -> Config -> View (here)
  • Follow the directions on the link at the top of the window to enable config editing using your moderator account
    • After enabling editing just click “save” at any time to save your config
    • After you have added/edited your config the bot will detect changes within 5 minutes or you can manually trigger it by clicking Update

General Config (Editor) Tips

  • The editor will automatically validate your syntax (formatting) and config correctness (property names, required properties, etc.)
  • In your config all Checks and Actions have two properties that control how they behave:
    • Enable (defaults to enable: true) – Determines if the check or action is run, at all
    • Dryrun (defaults to dryRun: false) – When true the check or action will run but any Actions that may be triggered will “pretend” to execute but not actually talk to the Reddit API.
      • Use dryRun to test your config without the bot making any changes on reddit
    • When starting out with a new config it is recommended running the bot with remove/ban actions disabled
      • Use report actions to get reports in your modqueue from the bot that describe what it detected and what it would do about it
      • Once the bot is behaving as desired (no false positives or weird behavior) destructive actions can be enabled or turned off of dryrun

Web Dashboard Tips

  • Click the Help button at the top of the page to get a guided tour of the dashboard
  • Use the Overview section to control the bot at a high-level
  • You can manually run the bot on any activity (comment/submission) by pasting its permalink into the input field below the Overview section and hitting one of the run buttons
    • Dry run will make the bot run on the activity but it will only pretend to run actions, if triggered. This is super useful for testing your config without consequences
    • Run will do everything
  • All of the bot’s activity is shown in real-time in the log section
    • This will output the results of all run checks/rules and any actions that run
  • You can view summaries of all activities that triggered a check (had actions run) by clicking on Actioned Events
    • This includes activities run with dry run