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Attribution Rule

The Attribution rule will aggregate an Author’s content Attribution (youtube channels, twitter, website domains, etc.) and can check on their totals or percentages of all Activities over a time period:

  • Total # of attributions
  • As percentage of all Activity or only Submissions
  • Look at all domains or only media (youtube, vimeo, etc.)
  • Include self posts (by reddit domain) or not

Consult the schema for a complete reference of the rule’s properties.

Template Variables

Name Description Example
result Summary of rule results (also found in Actioned Events) 1 Attribution(s) met the threshold of >= 20%, with 6 (40%) of 15 Total – window: 3 years
triggeredDomainCount Number of domains that met the threshold 1
window Number or duration of Activities considered from window 3 years
largestCount The count from the largest aggregated domain 6
largestPercentage The percentage of Activities the largest aggregated domain comprises 40%
smallestCount The count from the smallest aggregated domain 1
smallestPercentage The percentage of Activities the smallest aggregated domain comprises 6%
countRange A convenience string displaying “smallestCount - largestCount” or just one number if both are the same 5
percentRange A convenience string displaying “smallestPercentage - largestPercentage” or just one percentage if both are the same 34%
domainsDelim A comma-delimited list of all the domain URLs that met the threshold,,
titlesDelim A comma-delimited list of friendly-names of the domain if one is present, otherwise the URL (IE => “My Youtube Channel Title”) My Channel A, My Channel B,
threshold The threshold you configured for this Rule to trigger >= 20%


  • Self Promotion as percentage of all Activities YAML JSON - Check if Author is submitting much more than they comment.
  • Self Promotion as percentage of Submissions YAML JSON - Check if any of Author’s aggregated submission origins are >10% of their submissions