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Getting Started

This getting started guide is for Operators – that is, someone who wants to run the actual software for a ContentMod bot. If you are a Moderator check out the moderator getting started guide instead.

Table of Contents


Follow the installation documentation. It is recommended to use Docker since it is self-contained.

Create a Reddit Client

Create a reddit client

Start ContextMod

Start CM using the example command from your installation and visit http://localhost:8085

The First Time Setup page will ask you to input:

Write Config and then restart CM. You have now created the minimum configuration required to run CM.

Add A Bot to CM

You should automatically be directed to the Bot Invite Helper used to authorize and add a Bot to your CM instance.

Follow the directions here and create an Authorization Invite at the bottom of the page.

Next, login to Reddit with the account you will be using as the Bot and then visit the Authorization Invite link you created. Follow the steps there to finish adding the Bot to your CM instance.

Access The Dashboard

Congratulations! You should now have a fully authenticated bot running on a ContextMod instance.

In order for your Bot to operate in a subreddit it must be a moderator in that subreddit. This may be your own subreddit or someone else’s.

To monitor the behavior of bots running on your instance visit http://localhost:8085.

What’s Next?

As an operator you should familiarize yourself with how the operator configuration you made works. This will help you understand how to get the most of your CM instance by leveraging the Cache and Database effectively as well as provide you will all possible options for configuring CM using the schema.

If you are also the moderator of the subreddit the bot will be running you should check out the moderator getting started guide.

You might also be interested in these quick tips for using the web interface. Additionally, on the dashboard click the Help button at the top of the page to get a guided tour of the dashboard.