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Repeat Activity Rule

The Repeat Activity rule will check for patterns of repetition in an Author’s Submission/Comment history. Consult the schema for a complete reference of the rule’s properties.

To determine sameness it uses an average of Dice’s Coefficient, Cosine Similarity, and Levenshtein Distance weighted by the length of the content being compared (more weight for longer content).


The most critical properties for this Rule are gapAllowance and lookAt.


Determines which Activities from a User’s history are checked when looking for repeats.

Can be either:

  • all – All of a user’s submissions and comments are considered
  • submissions – Only a user’s submissions are considered

Defaults to all


gapAllowance determines how many non-repeat Activities are “allowed” between “in a row” submissions. N number of non-repeat activities will be thrown away during the count which allows checking for patterns with a bit of “fuzziness”.

By default gapAllowance: 0 so all repeats must be truly consecutive. ___ Consider the following example in a user’s history:

  • crossposts 2 times
  • 1 comment
  • crossposts 2 times
  • crossposts 4 times

Your goal is to remove a submission if it has been crossposted 5 times.

With defaults for lookAt and gapAllowance this rule would not be triggered because no set of consecutive submissions was repeated 5 times.

With only lookAt: "submissions" this rule would trigger because all the comments would be ignored resulting in 8 repeats.

With only gapAllowance: 1 this rule would not trigger because the 2 comment non-repeat would break the “in a row” count.

With only gapAllowance: 2 this rule would trigger because the the 1 and 2 comment non-repeats would be thrown out resulting in 8 repeats.

Note: lookAt: "submissions" should be used with caution because all comments are thrown away. This isn’t indicative of real repeat behavior if the user is a heavy commenter. For this reason the default is all.


  • Crosspost Spamming JSON YAML - Check if an Author is spamming their Submissions across multiple subreddits
  • Burst-posting JSON YAML - Check if Author is crossposting their Submissions in short bursts

Template Variables

Name Description Example
result Summary of rule results (also found in Actioned Events) 1 of 1 unique items repeated >= 7 times, largest repeat: 22
window Number or duration of Activities considered from window 100 activities
threshold Number of repeats that trigger rule >= 7
totalTriggeringSets Number of sets of repeats that matched threshold 1
largestRepeat The largest number of repeats in a single set 22
gapAllowance Number of non-repeat activities allowed between repeats 2