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User Notes

Toolbox User Notes

Context Mod supports reading and writing User Notes for the Toolbox extension.

You must have Toolbox setup for your subreddit and at least one User Note created before you can use User Notes related features on Context Bot.

Click here for the Toolbox Quickstart Guide

Valid Note Types:

  • gooduser
  • spamwatch
  • spamwarn
  • abusewarn
  • ban
  • permban
  • botban


User Notes are an additional criteria on AuthorCriteria that can be used alongside other Author properties for both filtering rules and in the AuthorRule.

Consult the schema for a complete reference of the UserNoteCriteria object that can be used in AuthorCriteria.


  • Do not tag user with Good User note JSON YAML


A User Note can also be added to the Author of a Submission or Comment with the UserNoteAction.


  • Add note on user doing self promotion JSON YAML