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Recent Activity Rule

Given a list subreddit criteria, the Recent Activity rule finds Activities matching those criteria in the Author’s history over window and then allows for comparing different facets of the results.

Subreddit criteria can be:

  • names
  • regular expression for names
  • Subreddit meta properties like NSFW, description, is user profile, is author’s profile, etc…

Facets available to compare from analyzed history:

  • number of activities found EX > 3 => more than 3 activities found
  • aggregated karma from activities EX > 50 => more than 50 combined karma from found activities
  • number of subreddits found EX > 5 => more than 5 distinct subreddits matching subreddit criteria found

The above can also be expressed as a percentage instead of number IE “more than 10% of activities in author history come from subreddits matching criteria”

The search can also be modified in a number of ways:

  • Filter found activities using an Item Filter
  • Only return activities that match the Activity from the Event being processed
    • Using image detection (pixel or perceptual hash matching)
  • Only return certain types of activities (only submission or only comments)

Consult the schema for a complete reference of the rule’s properties.


  • Free Karma Subreddits YAML JSON - Check if the Author has recently posted in any “free karma” subreddits
  • Submission in Free Karma Subreddits YAML JSON - Check if the Author has posted the Submission this check is running on in any “free karma” subreddits recently

Template Variables

Name Description Example
result Summary of rule results (also found in Actioned Events) 9 activities found in 2 of the specified subreddits (out of 21 total) MET threshold of >= 1 activities – subreddits: SubredditA, SubredditB
window Number or duration of Activities considered from window 100 activities
subSummary Comma-delimited list of subreddits matched by the criteria SubredditA, SubredditB
subCount Number of subreddits that match the criteria 2
totalCount Total number of activities found by criteria 9
threshold The threshold used to trigger the rule >= 1
karmaThreshold If present, the karma threshold used to trigger the rule > 5
combinedKarma Total number of karma gained from the matched activities 10
subredditBreakdown A markdown list of filtered activities by subreddit * SubredditA - 5 (71%) \n * Subreddit B - 2 (28%)